On Feburary 9, 2021 U: started a series of open workshops Residentuu:r 2021 thas focuses on music criticism.  The series try to address topics - what are the expectations of composer, performer, audience to a music critic, how music criticism influences the scene, how to improve collaboration between critics and performers? U: has invited outstanding specialists from Finland, Canada and Estonia to participate in the meetings and introduce their views.

The last event will take place on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 5 PM

The meeting will take place via  Zoom and will be broadcasted on  U:'s Youtube channel
Moderator: Kadri-Ann Sumera
- Public discussion and criticism on U's concert in Estonian Music Days on April 25
- Summary of the series
The guest of previous meetings: Jeremy Strachan (Canada) and Kerri Kotta (Estonia),  Kare Eskola and Jaani Länsio (Finland),  David Dacks (Canada), Maria Mölder (Estonia)

The recordings of previous meetings can be  found U:'s Youtube  channel