Sound excerpts

Presentation of the CD "U:"

On Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 18.00,  ensemble U: will present its first CD  „U:".  The event will take place in two places in the same time - in th Winter Garden of National Opera "Estonia" in "real life" and also in virtual embassy of Estonian Republic in virtual reality called "Second Life".

Second Life is a computer generated world, where users can move around, communicate, trade and even have jobs with their virtual personages, so called avatars. The possibilities of Second Life are literally unlimited. Having understood the importance of virtual environments, Estonia is the the third country in the world that has created its virtual embassy to Second Life. The building has won many architectural awards. The embassy hosts different exhibitions, seminars, concerts, it offers materials introducing Estonia, it is possible to initiate visa requesting process and ask questions form the clerks.

Estonian virtual Embassy

Thanks to the possibilities of SL, the new  CD of U: will be presented to all  concerned Second Life users from all over the world - it is really simple to teleport oneself to the island of Estonia and have part of the concert of the presentation.  Two pieces will be played  live in Winter Garden and transmitted directly to SL:

Helena Tulve    stream 2 for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion  (2009, premiere of the version)
Tauno Aints       1film for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion  (2006)

Stage of the concert.

To go to the virtual embassy, a special program must be installed to the computer, download it from http://www.secondlife.com  The computer has to meet some quite demanding system require ments (especially the video card has to be able for 3d acceleration), see:

Getting along in SL is not very complicated but demands some practicing.  After diving into SL the users have to learn necessary skills on Help Island, before they can "teleport" further.

Good hints and tutorials  for beginning:  http://secondlife.com/support/ 

You can find Estonian virtual Embassy by entering 'Estonian embassy' to the search tab in your SL browser or clicking on this  link (you have to have SL program installed).

U: is the first CD of the ensemble. It includes some of the very best Estonian chamber music of last years, written specially for U:  On the CD you will find:  Helena Tulve „stream 2“ (2009), Tauno Aints „1film“ (2006), Andres Lõo „Miimiline partituur“ (2005), Tatjana Kozlova „Circles“ (2004),  Märt-Matis Lill „When the Buffalo Went Away...“ (2007)  and „My weeping voice is the wind of autumn“ (2005).

The presentation will take place in collaboration with the Esonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Estonian Composers Union.
The realization in Second Life will be possible thanks to:
Maria Belovas, Edward Ekker and Allan Arjut.
Sound and video transmission: Tammo Sumera and Ivari Holm